No Matter What Your Skills are, You are NOT Prepared if You Don't Know...

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Disarm, Break or even DESTROY a knife-wielding
LETHAL attacker - with empty hands, with your knife,
or even his own knife - lightning-fast!

WARNING: This may not be for you. Before you read any further, there are 3 things you need to know:

1. Knife Crime in the USA is growing: 1,694 Murders in one year with Knives and cutting objects!
(Source: 2011 FBI Annual Crime in the US Report) and that’s only counting Homicides, not attacks and injuries!

2. Knife Crime in the United Kingdom has skyrocketed: 1,000 Knife Crimes Per Month!
(Source: Freedom of Information request by London Evening Standard July 1 2013)

3. You can find plenty of fancy knife fighting in the Martial Arts – there are some great instructors of the “arts” out there. If that’s your thing, cool. It looks great in movies and competitions with other “artists” who aren’t really trying to KILL YOU.

But when your life is on the line in a real-world knife attack YOU NEED BRUTAL REALITY, not “Art”

Look at the world around you: have ever noticed that almost everywhere, you see guys with knife clips in their front pocket? Tactical folders are hugely popular, and are often legal to carry in many places.

Knife carry is hugely popular and growing, and so is Violent Knife Crime!

A Knife is a LETHAL Weapon that can be found almost anywhere, from supermarkets to gas stations and liquor stores. And unlike a gun, Knives are sold to anyone! No background check is required, and they’re dirt-cheap!

This leads us to a disturbing FACT:

The likelihood of YOU being attacked with a Knife goes up every day.

And, it also means that the availability of an edged weapon within your reach continually goes up.

Knowing this, every responsible warrior needs reality-based Knife Fighting Secrets.

Wouldn’t it be a sick, perverse waste of your martial arts skill NOT to understand the dynamics of real world knife fighting?

A knife attack is a lethal attack, and it would be a waste if you couldn’t protect yourself and your family and friends at that most crucial moment.

Don’t think for a moment that your “MMA” or your “Black Belt” will save you if you aren’t fully prepared for the BARBARIC reality of a violent knife attack.

And if you have a Concealed Carry Permit for your Handgun, BEWARE of the false comfort you may be taking.

There are MANY heartbreaking but true stories of Martial Artists and Concealed Carry Weapons holders being killed by Knife Attackers. Out of respect for the deceased, I will not name them, but you could easily look them up.

These tragic true stories tell us a sobering lesson: we MUST be prepared for knife attack in the increasingly violent world we live in today.

There Is Just No Other Way! No Matter What Your Skills are, you are NOT Prepared if you don’t know this…

Look. Violent Criminals and Gangsters DO NOT FIGHT FAIR! They prefer to outnumber you and use weapons, even if they’re already bigger and stronger than you.

They get a perverse “high” by causing terror and panic and inflicting pain and damage on innocent people. Your FEAR is like a drug to them.

They have no interest in a fair fight.

And neither should YOU.

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned Black Belt, a soldier, an MMA fighter, a CCW holder, or just a regular guy, you don’t want to be frozen in terror or wondering what you should do when facing your worst nightmare: A Knife Attack.

Here’s the good news: legendary trainer and lifelong martial artist Scott Bolan has developed an all-new Knife Fighting Secrets DVD that shows you secret skills and tactics for surviving and thriving in a real-world knife attack.

Now you can learn to be so deadly, fast and bulls-eye accurate with a knife that you never have to face the worst, empty-handed!

And you are empty-handed, Scott will show you how to take your attacker’s knife away from him lightning-fast! Your jaw will drop when you see it for yourself on the Knife Fighting Secrets DVD!

You could study knife fighting for years, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But the techniques on this DVD are the hardcore foundational tactical elements of real-world knife fighting self-defense. Nothing fancy or esoteric here. Just “end-it-quick” elite survival skills.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in the Knife Fighting Secrets…

• How You Should Really Hold The Knife (it’s not what you think)

What your Dojo teaches Versus the Real Mechanics actual Street Knife Fights (How many instructors have actually been attacked in a knife fight? Scott has the scars to prove his experiences – you’ll see them on camera!)

One Secret that will enable you to defeat any attacker

The best way to choose a knife for personal defense Scott debunks the biggest LIE about knife fighting (that is still taught by 98% of trainers) (this will BLOW YOUR MIND!)

• Easy-to-Learn Deadly Combinations

• How To End It Quickly while keeping your opponent in painful confusion

• How To Deprogram Fear (so you don’t freeze up like a DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS!)

Concealed Carry Tactics so effective only an X-Ray could find it, but you can draw it lightning-fast when appropriate

• Unarmed Defense: How To Take Your Attacker’s Knife Away from Him so Fast he’ll piss his pants

• Knife fighting on the Ground… so you can be the one getting back up

• How To Kill A Terrorist (warning: not for those who can’t handle bloody gore)

The Suicide Knife-Reversal: You were unarmed and he attacked YOU with a knife, and now HE’s the one begging for help!

• The 4 Pillars of Knife Fighting Self-Defense POWER

• The most important thing for Effective Knife Fighting (and nobody’s teaching it! Until now…)

The hard part’s already done: Scott Bolan set the program up for you in a completely organized, easy-to-learn progression. It’s all no-nonsense, straight to the point information and instruction.

Scott shows you everything you need to know, and teaches in a way that is EASY to Learn and remember, so when the sh– hits the fan = you’ll have knowledge to fall back on!

You’ll discover the “Hidden Secret” of knife fighting, and you can laugh at all the smug instructors and friends who think they “know” all about knife fighting!

The combo pattern on is so unstoppable, just do it on a tree or fence (with a foam practice knife) and watch them Freak Out! I’ve seen it countless times, and one of 3 things happen every time:

1. They stay smug and leave the area quickly and avoid you in the future

2. They act like it’s no big deal but they always refuse to spar with you (they can’t back up their claims)

3. They BEG you to teach them! (this is the person with integrity who sets aside his pride because he knows true wisdom when he sees it and wants to acquire it for himself)

The great thing about it is, you don’t have to spend weeks, months or even days memorizing non-essentials and boring routines. Just watch it once through, then a few more times in the privacy of your home, and then get ready to

Be Transformed With LETHAL KNOWLEDGE!

That “something different about you” will be the calm confidence that comes from knowing you can handle whatever the forces of darkness throw your way. It magnetizes people.

You should always practice with a qualified instructor. “School is never out for the true warrior.” But that doesn’t mean you should waste your time with esoteric fancy stuff – unless that is your sport or hobby (then it’s not a waste of time, you’re having fun and developing good attributes).

I don’t care how fit you are or how well you can “dance” with your sparring partner: Knowledge of tactical fundamentals and lethality is necessary for survival.


Listen. We watched over 20 videos & DVDs by the “who’s who” of instructors. There was some neat stuff – but none of them were complete and practical.

So Scott cut out all the crap and filled in the gaps – no more wasting time on interesting “concepts.” Some of the most famous instructors didn’t even show you how to draw the knife quickly!

Esoteric drills with fancy names won’t help you much when you’re facing a street-hardened gang-banger who wants to GUT YOU LIKE A FISH.

You’d better be fast if you don’t want to end up in the Hospital – or worse, in a body bag! The good news is that once you master this material…

✔ They’ll never know what hit them until it’s too late

✔ You will discover powerfully effective “lightning-burst” Knife Combatives and Defensive Tactics

✔ Wherever you find yourself, no matter the how dangerous the situation, you can mentally grasp your blade and walk with supreme confidence.

There are a few other requirements that you must pass. By purchasing, you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed on this website, as well as these specific requirements:

1. You must be over 18, sane and a law-abider.

2. You must agree that you will never harm others. Power-Mongers, Criminals and Psychos are not allowed to own this material.

3. You must agree that you WILL value the material and study it Academically

4. You must agree that this DVD is NOT to be sold to or shared with anyone.

5. You must agree that you will obey all laws. Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and it is your responsibility to know and obey all laws.

Listen. We are in the business of teaching dedicated, decisive martial artists who move quickly when they see a good opportunity. I don’t have time to constantly bother or beg you to take action. So, if you want these Knife Fighting Secrets, you should order right now. Here’s the deal:

You get the Knife Fighting Secrets DVD with all of Scott’s Hardcore Knife Combat Self-Defense Tactics for just 49.00

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You know what I’m saying is true. Don’t let anything get in the way of your making a smart decision for your future. What you learn here could not only save your life and protect your loved ones, but it can also give you skills and knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

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